Introduction: Using Outdoor (Solar Powered) Lights...Indoors!!!

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Here's a cool way we spiffed up our living room! Not only does it feel like its a clear starry sky.. It is a nice addition to a romantic movie night. This is a simple idea for anybody looking for a simple way to make their room stand out!


Step 1: Start With Hanging the Lights!

There's a couple of ways that you could go about installing the lights on to the curtains. However, I found that the easiest and most comfortable way would be to start by laying two of the curtain panels on the floor (or flat surface). In order to easily be able to open up your curtains, without destroying your light set up, I suggest you only attach lights to two of your panels.

    Step 2: Hang the LED's in a Looping Pattern ~~~

    Now begin by looping your lights on top of your curtain in a horizontal "∿" shape. Make sure to do it loosely, in order to allow more room for mobility.

      Step 3: Place the Solar Panel Outside

      When you have finished attaching the lights to the curtain, you will now need to take the small solar panel outside. Your best bet will be to slide the solar panel through your window and either stick in in the ground or place it somewhere it can get direct sunlight. The cable connecting the solar panel to the actual lights should be thin enough to still safely allow you to close your windows fully.

      Step 4: Believe It or Not... That's It You Are Finito.

      If the solar panel is place in a bright sunny area, you just have to wait till nightfall. When the sun is out, the lights are off.. When the sun is gone, the lights come on!

      Mine last about 4 to 5 hours before slowly fading away. With a few candles lit, it really is a nice way to enjoy a movie!

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