Introduction: Using Robo Wunderkind to Create a Python Party Bot

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Hi Makers!

I Jonathan Morley, am the author of the robopython library, working for Robo Technologies as Head of Research and Development. One of the first demos I have chosen to write is this party room application as it shows how you can combine other python libraries with robopython to create anything you want.


Equipment needed:

- A Robo Wunderkind kit including a light sensor, motor, and RGB LEDs

- BLED112 BLE dongle

- A Spotify premium account (Optional)

- Some big speakers

Then follow these steps:

1 - Download Spotipy Source code from github

2 - Install on your system with python install (the version on pip is not up to date)

3 - Sign up for your non-commercial app on Spotify, obtain Client ID Secret ID

4 - Add Client ID, Secret ID and Redirect URL to environment variables

(Redirect URL = http://localhost:8888/callback )

5 - Get the device id for the device you wish to play on and add that to an environment variable

6 - Build your Robo

7 - Open spotify on the device you wish to play the music from

8 - Run python

(the python code is attached)

Step 1: