Introduction: Using Sugru for a New Crockpot Lid Handle

The plastic handle broke off the glass lid of our crockpot lid.
I decided I'd use the Sugru graciously supplied by Instructables and Sugru for a contest to create a new handle for the lid.

Step 1: Create the Handle Support

The Sugru itself does not have enough structural strength to act as a handle. I used the smallest hanger tape (also known as plumber's tape or plumber's strap) I could find at the hardware store to create the backbone of the handle.

I separated a piece long enough to make a ring the size I wanted the handle to be by using a pair of pliers to bend the strap back and forth till it broke. I flattened out the rough edges.

I used a small bottle of appropriate size to bend the strap into a circle without kinks.

Step 2: Affixing the Handle Ring

I put the handle bolt through the holes in the ends of the hanger strap ring.

Then I used a small bit of Sugru to create a soft washer to keep the metal ring from scratching the glass of the lid. I rolled a small snake of Sugru and wrapped it around the bolt where it met the outside of the ring.

The bolt then went through the hole in the glass lid and the nut was screwed on the other side allowing some of the sugru to squeeze out to assure a good attachment. I trimmed the squeezed-out Sugru to use on the rest of the project.

Sugru smells strange but not bad. I kind of like the smell. ;)

Step 3: Padding the Handle

All that remained of the process was to used the rest of the Sugru I had to create padding around the metal ring. I rolled the Sugru into small snakes and then just placed them on the metal ring being sure to get a good amount around the thin edges of the ring.

Step 4: Texturing the Interior of the Handle

I felt the interior of the handle could use a bit of texture for grip.

First I tried using a butter knife to make a series of grooves in the Sugru. This worked, but due mainly to my impatience with the process was not pleasing to my eye. So I tried another approach.

I borrowed a piece of my son's plastic crack- ah, excuse me a Lego brick to press the circular imprint of the studs into the Sugru on the inside of the handle. Again, due mainly to my lack of patience to make it look good- the result was not beautiful, but it looked better than the weak butter knife grooves.

My new crock pot lid handle won't win any prizes for looks, but hopefully making chili will now be much easier.

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