Using Team Viewer to Control Another Computer

Introduction: Using Team Viewer to Control Another Computer

My parents have recently gotten on the information highway and found out quickly they knew nothing about the world wide interweb ;) . Rather than go over to their house every day I downloaded a remote control program so I could help them navigate, install or update programs or just show them how to make general sense of their laptop. This instructable shows you how to use the team viewer program to control a remote computer

Step 1: Download Team Viewer

go to TeamViewer and download the appropriate version for pc,mac or whatever os on the devices. If using Android, you will need the app. Both devices will need TeamViewer installed

Step 2: Connect the Devices

open TeamViewer on both devices and in the dialog box on the controlling device input the ID and password from the remote computer.

Step 3: Controlling Remote Device

When the devices are connected a new window will open on the controlling device and you now have total control of the remote device just as if you were sitting in front of it. If this connection is going to be a regular thing you can set up an account with teamviewer and a personal password on the remote device to make the next connection faster and easier. On the remote device there will be a small dialog box at the bottom right corner indicating that TeamViewer is active and anyone watching the remote device can see exactly what you are doing.

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