Introduction: Using the Audio Editing Software, Audacity

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Audacity is a program that allows you to edit audio tracks in a vareity of ways. you can easily download it off the internet. in this instructable i will show you how to use some of the basic features.

Step 1: First Off

In order to use this program you will need a clip of Audio to use. Go under file and click open and browse for the file you want to use

Step 2: Tools

Once you have your Audio open, it will look like a timeline with scribblies all over. thats the Audio track. Up in the right hand corner there will be 6 boxes with little pictures in each box: the tools.

the first tool is the selction tool, it allows you to select a secetion of audio.

the next one to the right is the envelope tool. it allows you to edit the amplitute envelope of the track.

The third is the Draw tool. When zoomed up extremely close it allows you to draw paths to eliminate clicks and distortions.

the one to the bottom left is the magnify tool, which is used to zoom in or out on your audio track.

The next tool over is the time shift tool. you can use it to shift audio sections back and forth through the audio clip itself

The multi-tool mode will change functions depending on where on the track the cursor is located.

these are the basic tool you will use when editing Audio in Audacity.

Step 3: Toolbar

The tool bar is the bar right next to the tools. this holds the rewind, play, record, pause, stop, and fast forward buttons. they all do exactly what their name suggests. the record button is used for recording audio straight off of need a microphone. If you hold Shift when clicking the play button, this will enable Loop play which allows the Audio to restart everytime it finishes playing

Step 4: The Audio Pallets.

Notice next to each Audio part there is a grey pallet with the words Mute and Solo in it. This is the I call it. You can adjust how the audio plays here. If you click the drop down arrow more options can be seen

Step 5: The Generate Tab

The Generate tab allows you to generate sounds in your audio...each sound that the option makes is self explanitory

Step 6: Effect Tab

this is the fun part...the effect tasb. this tab has a list of optoins to either edit, distort, fix, and repair your Audio.

Step 7: The Basics

That covers a majority of the Basic concepts on Audacity...if you have any questions feel free to post a comment.

The file below is a mix of files i made on Audacity, the artist is Fort Minor.