Introduction: Basic Comparator 741 Ic

The most basic comparator circuit

Step 1: Gathering Parts

What we need is -

1-potentiometer 10k

2-any 741 ic

3-a simple sensor (eg -compound mic,LDR)

4-LED or any other output device

5-bread board


7-9v power supply

Step 2: Pin Out for a 741 IC

Ignore pins 1,8 and 5.

1-offset null

2-inverting input

3-non inverting input

4-// negative

5-offset null



8-not connected

Step 3: Connections

1-place the IC on the bread board

2-take a wire and connect pin 7 to a positive rail,(Where the positive of your power supply is)

3-take a wire and connect pin 4 to a negative rail,(Where the negative of your power supply is)

4-take a wire and connect pin 6 to an LED to the negative rail

5-place the sensor and POT on the board

6-connect both their positive pins to the positive rail

7-connect the sensors other pin to pin 2 and the POT's to pin 3

8-Power it up

9-Adjust the POT accordingly