Introduction: Using a Charcoal Chimney

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The Charcoal Chimney is a great little device to use get your charcoal up to cooking temps as quickly as possible, and without adding any undue chemicals to the process (hey, we're using quality lump charcoal here).

The device works as a chimney-effect forcing the heated air to move up through all the coals lighting them simultaneously and continuing to heat them until they are ready to cook with, a lot more efficient than just lighting one end of a pile of coals.

As usual with THÜROS the device is made from high quality German stainless steel.

NEVER light a charcoal initiator directly on a concrete surface. Heat from the chimney may cause the concrete to explode, damaging the concrete surface and possibly causing physical injury. The ideal place is to set the charcoal chimney on top of the grill grate so there is no chance of destroying the material underneath and any ash will fall into the grill where you will be pouring the hot coals anyways. **************************WARNING************************************

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