Introduction: Using a Knife Sharpener

How to sharpen your blades using a Work Sharp sharpener.

Step 1: Place Sharpener on a Level Surface

Step 2: Choose Medium Belt.

Step 3: Install Belt.

Press down on the belt tensioner and route belt around pulleys.

Step 4: Plug in Sharpener

Step 5: Turn on Sharpener.

Verify that the belt has been installed correctly.

Step 6: Install Blade Guide

For this particular model, the blade guide slides right into place, on top of tensioner.

Step 7: Turn Sharpener On.

Hold machine in place with one hand. With the other hand, grab the knife by the handle and starting at the back of the blade by the handle and pull towards you 5 times.

Step 8: Switch Sides

Repeat step #7.

Step 9: Repeat Step #3

Repeat using fine belt.

Step 10: Repeat Steps #7 & #8