Using a Vegetable Peeler As a Spokeshave

Introduction: Using a Vegetable Peeler As a Spokeshave

I have mentioned in a few places that I use a vegetable peeler as a spoke shave which is basically a tool for shaving off bits of wood, traditionally on spokes for wooden wagon wheels (hence the name). Strangely enough I think a lot of people think I am joking so here is a video of me using it. I use this for rough shaping of anything I want to round the edges off and make into a rounded shape, including paddle handles and, as you can see here, ukulele necks.

This video shows how I use it to shape a cigar box style ukulele neck in about 2 minutes.

It works really well on reasonably straight grained timbers but tends to follow the grain so does not work as well if the grain wanders a bit. For a canoe handle or a uke neck you really should be using straight grained timbers anyway.

If you use the center the shavings it takes are large as the front of the two way blade flexes out. if you use more towards the edge you get finer shavings but more control. if you go against the grain it can dig in nd take out large chunks.

I use the Thai made Kiwi brand with the pink handle - I have tried other brands but none work as well as this one as a spokeshave. I have seen them for about ten bucks on Fleabay and Amazone but where I live, all Asian grocers and some two dollar stores sell them for about half that.

Further testing has found the Ikea peeler at $7 and the Kmart peeler at $2 both work reasonably well.

The linked video

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    4 years ago

    Hahaha! Nice use of an item never intentioned for this.
    I love such thinking outside the box. :)


    4 years ago

    Huh, you know I've been meaning to make some wooden spoons and such. This would be convenient for making the handles.