Introduction: Using Snow for Traction on Ice

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First the Glacier melting on top of my roof tore off the gutters ,then the Ice melt Sold Out. The traction sand just melted into the ice and was useless.
If necessity is the Mother of invention.....then desperation is the Father.
I found a way to use snow as it melted off  My Roof Glacier to keep my visitors and I from slipping and falling when the snow would camouflage white, the evil slick spot that had taken its toll on many unsuspecting visitors this winter.
Free, Biodegradable,easy to do,safe for Pets,lasts a long time too.
No tricks it works.

The second photo is the Snow Snake Glacier creeping off of the place where I park my truck but it wont load here the right way ,it needs to be rotated to the right . So tilt head left to view ,I do apologize. It shows the strange melt then thaw process this winter forcing me to find a solution to that slick ice spot.

Step 1: So Easy a Cavem.......a Child Can Do This

You will need :
One slick spot of melted snow any size
Spruce or any evergreen tree branches removed from tree- how much you need depends on size of previously listed slick spot.
I used 8 approximately 12 inch long pieces of free spruce branches for a 4 ft. by 8 inch wide slick spot.

Find slick spot
Place Spruce on it
Wait for Snow to hide the slick spot, but it is now no longer camouflaged white from snow, the branches or boughs stick out and are great traction
Walk at will on new non slick spot
Accept thanks from all who visit most especially the Un-named Package Service delivery person [UPS] My old Dog loves it too

The Spruce branches freeze in place to be used both now and later,just add branches as needed depending on Snow/ice conditions
The best part is I no longer open my door to see a Moose standing 2 ft away,they have no Salt substitute to lick now, even though this Moose Calf is looking for Salt it is not there, sorry sideways loading photo again.

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