Introduction: Using the Spark Core and Internet Button to Make a Small Wireless Fan!

We will be making a small fan that you will be able to control with any wireless device!

Step 1: Materials

-Spark Core

-Spark Internet Button


-Fan Motor

-USB Power Cord

Step 2: Plug Your Core Into the Internet Button.

Plug the headers of your Spark core directly into your internet button.

Step 3: Adding Wire to the Internet Button.

Place the positive wire (Red) into the slot located parallel to the D4 header on your spark core. With your negative wire (Blue), place it in the slot located parallel to the D3 header on your core.

Step 4: Connecting the Motor to the Internet Button.

Make sure you connect the positive wire of the motor to the positive wire in the Spark core. (Red). Then connect the negative wire of the motor to the negative wire in the Spark core. (Blue).

Step 5: Turning on the Fan.

Now using the Spark Tinker application in your wireless device, switch the D4 header to Digital Write. The fan will now switch on! if you have reversed the positive and negative wires connected to the core, the fan will remain motionless.