Using the Vise and Control Panel

Introduction: Using the Vise and Control Panel

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The vise must be used for every cut.

Step 1: Using the Vise

Always use the vise; never hand hold material in the horizontal band saw.

  1. Brush out the vise to make sure materials lie flat.
  2. Turn on the laser to align your work.
    • Located on the saw control panel.
  3. Lift the back of the vise and open it slightly wider than your work.
  4. Set the tab at the end of the vise between two of the teeth in the clamping bar.
  5. Turn the vise handle to clamp the work.
    • The vise handle is the lower handle.
    • The upper handle is for maintenance only.

Step 2: Saw Control Panel

The saw control panel has 4 main functions.

  1. Start button
  2. Stop button
    • The blade will automatically stop when the saw finishes cutting.
  3. Laser switch
    • Use to align the blade with the desired cut line.
  4. Coolant switch
    • BAND ON for metals.
    • OFF for plastics.

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