Introduction: Using the Sparkfun 12 Button Keypad, With the Arduino

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 Hi guys, well bought this keypad, and wasn't exactly sure how to wire it up, because the pins aren't in order!

well, I will give you a schematic, and code to have it up and running in no time...

Step 1: Wiring

The image says it all...
the resistors can be anything betwen 1Kohm, and 10Kohm.
they go from pin 3, 5, 6 and 7 to +5V.

Step 2: Code

 Removed directly from the website, the only mod, was the pins i chose...
the code is attached, instructables won't let me paste it onto here for some reason...

The code will print the numbers of they keys you pressed, to the COM port.
also, be sure to have the library ''keypad'' in your libraries folder, or this code will not compile.

To use similar, but not equal keypads, just grab your continuity tester, and press those buttons, you will easily find wich pins are for the rows, and wich are for the columns.

IF you need any help, just ask in the comments :)