Introduction: Utility Access Doors

About: Professional fabricator and certified welder

Do you have a large hole or old worn out access doors to your water meter and shut off valves ? Today we will fabricate and weld on hinges and door jam

Step 1: Fabricate the Pieces

Purchase 1 4 x 8 foot sheet of 1/4 inch thick mild steel ~ 200$ cut the panels to extend several inches beyond the opening on all sides at least 4 inches overlap.

Step 2: Create Mount for Hinges

Drill holes for for your steel mounting brackets . we will be fabricating them out of the angle . cut 4 pieces 5 inches long and drill or blow holes with your torch . Bolt brackets firmly to side of wall or concrete .

Step 3: Weld on Hinges

Weld on your hinges and if needed cut out spacers from your sheet of 1/4 inch steel. weld your hinges to your bolted on mounting brackets. I needed a 1/2 here to get the hinges level . with the left over angle cut and weld a jam to the underside of one door that extends over the the length by 2 inches on either side and hangs at least half its width over the underside of the door . this will strengthen the doors when shut

Step 4: Weld on Chain Handles

Use heavy chain doors will weigh up to a hundred pounds each .