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Hey everybody wanted to add some of my ideas to the world of bike trailers. Bike trailers can be very useful for different things, and for me it is carrying lawn equipment around to my job sites. I am 15 years old and have my own mini lawn care company and this trailer gets the job done so take a look and I hope that this article can help you create your own! 

Step 1: Shopping List/Overview

So I started off with a sheet of 3/4" plywood and cut it to size. Mine is 36"x 24" I believe. It is a pretty manageable size to be pulling around. I wouldn't use plywood any thinner than that because I basically is the frame of the trailer, but 3/4" is plenty thick enough to support any weight you put on the trailer. also make sure your wheels balance out the load so move them to where the load will be most so that your bike trailer does the carrying not the EMT( it will bend abit over time) and your bike. 

-3/4" Plywood
-x2 bike wheels (18 inch bike wheels found at the dump is what I used)
- 2x3's (for the post and support beams)
- angle iron with holes your wheel axles will fit through (the size difference is because they are just pieces of scrap that I didn't feel like cutting)
- 3/4 inch dia. EMT electrical conduit
- x3 Pipe braces/ hangers
- one pipe clamp and a small length of rope
- x6 nuts and bolts to put through the plywood deck and screw to the angle iron
- corner braces of various sizes 
-screws to hold it all together
- maybe reflective tape(thats what the red stuff is )
-a old reflector mount that fits on the seatpost

- saw for wood preferably a circular saw
-Drill+bits really comes in handy 
-flat head screw driver for the pipe clamp
-wood glue, helps on the post to sure everything up as you screw things together
- 2 wrenches or ratchets to tighten bolts
- hack saw, cut off wheel, or dremel required to cut the EMT
- basic math and measuring skills are a must
- Your Imagination!

Now by looking at the pictures you can probably figure out what you are doing to build this bike trailer

Step 2: Customization

So the next step is making it your own by adding features to it. my trailer can go from the first picture to the second in a minute because I used c-clamps to secure everything down so that I could always have the space of a flat bed but put on different racks as needed.
But always remember to take your time and cut once and measure twice!!!
                  Have FUN! And Leave comments and Questions if you have any(:

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