Introduction: Utilizing Wasted Space

Turn underutilizes space into a useful area on a BUDGET


2 boards - $5
4 shelf hangers - $4
1 tabletop ready plank of wood - $50
4 heavy shelf hangers - $20

Step 1: Imagine and Research Concepts

There are a million great ideas out there so start with google images and pinterest to generate ideas. Get creative with finding a space that is not utilized to its fullest potential.

Step 2: Plan

Using painters tape and a pencil plot out where shelving should go. Move around until spots look correct.

Step 3: Purchase Material

Purchase the required material for the space. This was a table top, four brackets, two board, and four shelving stands.

Step 4: Hang Material

Using a level and a buddy, hang up the shelves. Make sure to remove the major parts of the blue tape
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