Végtelen Koceka / Infinite Cube

Introduction: Végtelen Koceka / Infinite Cube

I make a infinite cube for my friend for the hobbyist meeting.

Step 1:

I cut the wood, use table saw and the joint I make with my router.

This is a small project. The cube size is 20x20cm.

I cut the pieces, I fitted it dry and I burned, of course :) Then use glue and after drying use some dowel for stability (small cheating :))

Step 2: The End :)

as soon as it has dried I use my beeswax blend with linseed oil (1 beeswax, 2 linseed).

when it got dry again and again (3 time use)

The dry time is some days.

Very little project, that was the ticket for the meeting.

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