Introduction: V Drill Guide

I recently purchased a set of drill bits for my hand drill. I wanted to be able to drill straight vertical holes into pieces of wood as well as cylindrical rods. A quick search on the web showed me options ranging from drill presses to attachments for the drill as well as V Drill Blocks. V drill blocks appealed to me as they are small and relatively affordable.

I had bought a 3D printed around the same time and thought it would be a good use of the 3d printer to print a custom V block for the drill bits I have.

My main constraints were:

  • design something that can be printed with simple 3d printed material (PLA)
  • design something that fits into the drill bit case and thus is less likely to get misplaced
  • comfortable to position and grip while drilling holes

Based on these I proceeded to design the drill guide in Fusion360

Step 1: Design the Part in Fusion 360

I designed the block to incorporate all the sizes of drill available in my kit, these cover most of the common sizes you get in any standard drill bit kit, so it should work for any other kit as well.

All files can be downloaded from the below link

Step 2: Print the Part and Test

The guide can be used flat against a piece of wood as well as for drilling a hole through the centre of a rod or pipe.

You can also use the guide to store the bits on your workbench.

Step 3: Storage

The piece fits into the empty space in the Dewalt drill bit case.

Step 4:

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