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Now that the Hario V60 is a permanent fixture in the kitchen, I have been contemplating whether or not there is a better way to store its filters. I had always left the filters in the original bag and retrieved them one at a time. However several would usually fall out due to the rough texture of the paper leading to many outbursts of frustration in the morning as I labored to locate the scattered filters and then replace them. Not to mention the crumpled packaging was an eyesore and tended to catch on my arm as I reached for other things. Desperate to bring an end to those unpleasant moments, I sat down to create a solution to the issue.


3D Printer

STL File (below)

Step 1: CADD the Concept

My solution consists of a container just large enough to encapsulate the filter stack. I set about modeling the filters off of measurements I took. An extrude feature turned it into a solid. I did the same process for the container, adding the shell feature to create an opening.

Step 2: Prototype 1: Scaled Version

With the design complete, I made a scaled down version to quickly print to check the fitment and function of the concept. Printing was in the 10 minute range which was conducive to the workflow. With a scaled prototype ready, I checked its function with my partial stack of V60 filters.

Step 3: Prototype 2: Full Sized Version

Satisfied with the spacing and integrity of the structure, I modified the model and printed the result. The print took several tries due to bed adhesion problems resulting from warpage. Adding a brim increased printing time but solved the problem with bed adhesion.

Step 4: Final Product

I dropped the filters in place and admired my work. The result is elegant and functions much more effectively than the original packaging. Even though I've only been using it for two months, I am constantly impressed by its utility. Now you too can also enjoy the convenience of using a custom designed V60 filter holder!

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