VAC1(the Vindicator Assault Carbine Mark 1)

Introduction: VAC1(the Vindicator Assault Carbine Mark 1)

this gun was designed mainly for power and rate of fire, however it still has reasonable range and accuracy. it uses a block trigger and hopper magazine.

-easy reload
-large mag (16 rds)
-acceptable effective range (about 10m)
-common blue rods as ammo
-guided firing pin
-good ironsights

-broken parts
-hopper jams occasionally (about once every 10 rds)

hopper jamming can easily be fixed by slapping the side of the gun.
constructive criticism is welcome.
if you want more information please post.

Step 1: Breeck Block

this requires a broken red rod.
the more beige connecters you use in the breech the less it jams.

Step 2: Pistol Grip and Trigger

Step 3: Barrel and Forend

Step 4: Stock

the rods can be any length but i find the grey ones most comfortable.

Step 5: Firing Pin

Step 6: Loading and Firing

to load, simply pull bacthe the cover and drop blue rods into the hopper then push the hopper back down.

the sights work perfectly at about 5 metres.

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    DJ Radio
    DJ Radio

    12 years ago on Introduction

    I guess it's ok... Maybe make the pin easier to pull back, and put a better stock on.