This vase has been made out of an old sheet wrapped around a glass vase. A bottle (glass or plastic, but with smooth surface) of the desired diameter and height would do as well. Once the desired folds were created, we used a special glue to stiffen the fabric on the outside, applied with a paintbrush, adjusting the folds on the go. Once the fabric was stiffened and dry to form a tube, we twisted it lightly around the glass vase to detach it. The inside of the fabric tube had remained soft. We then used the same glass vase to create the inside coating to support the structure from the inside. After lining the glass vase with a plastic foil we proceeded to glue three layers of white soft paper around the glass vase (this time bottom included) using vinyl glue, diluted in water. Once dried, we removed the papier maché coating (virtually a second vase made of paper) from the glass vase and glued it with the pistol onto the inside of the fabric tube. We cut the excess edges to fit the size. To give additional support to the bottom of the inner paper vase we glued a circle of cork sheet of the diameter of the vase on its bottom. We cut the top part of a plastic bottle, of an adequate diameter to fit the paper vase, to create the proper container in which plants and flowers can stay wet. Voilà, le VASE FLOCHON !!!