Introduction: Generate VGA Signals Using a PSoC 5LP

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This is a remix of an excellent project by Ben Eater, in which he build a VGA card from discrete components. His tutorial is amazing and it has inspired me to replicate his project on a PSoC. The great thing about using the PSoC is that I can write to the image buffer to create moving pictures.

Step 1: Ben Eater's Project

For the project to work we must accurately generate the VGA signals as per the timing diagram. Please check out Ben Eater's tutorial as he explains his circuit and design in great detail.

Step 2: My Build

I replicated Ben's design on a PSoC 5LP.

The end of line signal triggers an ISR, in which I load the data to a buffer array. Then use DMA to output the data to a register, so as to have minimal delay.

The moving skull clip uses double buffering, i.e. while a buffer is being displayed I write data to a second buffer, when the end of data is reached I switch pointer addresses.

Step 3: ECG Pulse

Small section of the screen is blanked out to create the illusion of a flowing ECG signal.

Step 4: Source Code

Please contact me if you would like me to upload more project files


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