Introduction: VISUALIZE Humidity With the SHT11 Sensor

This is a super sensitive, precise sensor for just 35 dollars (for example here at adafruit)
It tells you the temperature too.

I adapted this from my tutorial on my blog

I was trying to figure out how to use the Sensirion Parallax humitidy sensor to output humidity data using Arduino. Finally, I found a library If you want to measure humidity data using the SHT11. 


1 Arduino
1 SHT11 Humidity Sensor (There are two data sheets, there is the sensirion one, and the parallax one)
A few wires
a breadboard

Step 2: Wire the Sensor

At first I found this hard to tell what needed to hook up to Arduino. 

Using the datasheet from Parallax was eventually the most helpful for me. (see the first image here or the datasheet, under the "connections" section)

Because there are built in resistors, I was simply able to hook it up like this: 

SHT-11 PIN 3 (SCK)  ---> ARDUINO PIN 11 (SCK)
SHT-11 PIN 1 (DATA) ----> ARDUINO PIN 9 (data)
SHT-11 PIN 8 (VDD) ----> ARDUINO +5V

Step 3: Program Arduino

Download the library from
Move Sht1x folder into Documents/Arduino/Libraries

Restart Arduino

Under File-->Examples, you should see SHT1x

Open it (called ReadSHT1xValues.pde)

Upload the sketch,

Step 4: See the Values

Temperature: 25.4199981689C / 77.8459930419F. Humidity: 23.45%
Temperature: 25.4399948120C / 77.8639984130F. Humidity: 23.45%
Temperature: 25.4799957275C / 77.7919921875F. Humidity: 25.12%
Temperature: 25.4599990844C / 77.8999938964F. Humidity: 27.65%
Temperature: 25.3600006103C / 77.7739944458F. Humidity: 27.87%
Temperature: 25.5199966430C / 77.9719924926F. Humidity: 26.86%

and so on. 

This sensor is supposedly very accurate and also, very inexpensive. 

(More to come... HOW TO LOG THIS DATA and VISUALIZE IT in a graph...)