Introduction: VM Ware Installation for Windows Tutorial

VM Ware is a software that enables students to access their schools computer drive wirelessly from their personal computer.

This tutorial will go over how to correctly install VM Ware on Windows computers.

Collaborating on this project: Smith, Bernado, and Kyle.

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About 15 minutes

Step 1: Follow This Link

Below will be listed a link that will take you to the VM Ware site to download the software.

Depending on the kind of device you are using, this is where you will decide which version to download.

However, for this certain tutorial, we will be following the Windows installation.

The image doesn't show it, but if you scroll down the page there are more versions, including Google Chrome.

Click the 'Go to Downloads' to the right your software selection (Circled up in the image in red).

Step 2: Download VM Ware

Once you have chosen which version of VM Ware to download, Click the 'Download' button (Circled in red above)

Step 3: Click "Run"

After clicking on the "Download" button, a prompt will come up from the bottom of the screen that will have the options to "Cancel", "Save", and "Run".

Click Run (Circled in red)

Step 4: Click "Agree & Install"

The next prompt that will appear is pictured above,

Click the option that says "Agree & Install" (Circled in red)

Step 5: Click "Finish"

The next prompt will ask to to click "Finish" (Circled in red)

Step 6: Your Computer Will Need to Restart

The next prompt will want you to click a "Restart" button in order for the download to fully install

Step 7: After Restarting, There Will Appear a Desktop Icon

Look for the icon that is circled in red

Step 8: Enter a Server

After double clicking the desktop icon, a window will open like the one above asking for a server path.

For this tutorial, we will be using Illinois State Universities Information Technology server.

The path for this server is:

Step 9: Click "Accept"

Like with all software/hardware, there is usually a part where you have to accept something, here is that point.
Click "Accept" (Circled in red)

Step 10: Time to Login

Now that you have entered the correct server path, you will now be prompted with a login screen

For this step you will need to have your ULID and password.

Step 11: And You Are Now Into Your ISU Cloud Space

Congrats, whatever you do at school and save to the school computers can now be accessed with your personal computer!

**Side note for IT Students**

DO NOT click the ITLab Pool, click Java Pool.