VNC to PcDuino8 Uno Through USB-OTG

Introduction: VNC to PcDuino8 Uno Through USB-OTG

This tutorial will tell you how to quick access Ubuntu running on pcDuino8 Uno , just using an USB data line,without keyboard, mouse, and HDMI screen.

Step 1: ​Prepare

pcDuino8 Uno

micro USB line

Windows PC(XP/Win7/Win8)

Windows tool: vncviewer

Step 2: Install Driver(Take Win7 for Example)

1. First connect pcDuino8 Uno to the computer’s USB port through USB OTG.

2. Open Device Manager in Windows.

3. Right click Android under other devices and choose Update Driver Software.

4. Choose the browse my computer for driver software.

5. Under Common hardware types, choose Network adapters.

6. Under Manufacturer choose Microsoft Corporation , and Network Adapter choose Remote NDIS based Compatible Device.

7. Windows will prompt the warning information, click Yes, after a while it will prompt that the Windows has successfully updated your driver software.

Step 3: ​Set the Static Address

1. Right click the option( or win +x), choose Network Connections.

2. Right click the Remote NDIS based Compatible Device, choose properties.

3. Double click Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
4. General set options as follow:

Step 4: ​Use VNC to Connect to PcDuino:

Open the VNC Viewer, input the: (which is the IP address of the pcDuino8 Uno) in the server: pcDuino desktop will successfully show at the VNC from OTG.

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