VR Dodocase Adaptation for Eye Glasses

Introduction: VR Dodocase Adaptation for Eye Glasses

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People who wear glasses can't use the cardboard VR Dodocase as it is designed.

Step 1: Compare Widths.

Compare the width of your eye glasses with the width of the Dodocase "eye space". Determine how much more width you need.

Step 2: Cut Into the Corners.

After determining how far to cut, mark the spot on the four corners of the "eye space" and cut along the fold to the mark. We cut 1 1/2 inches in on each corner.

Step 3: Fold Back the Flaps.

Fold the new flaps back to the marks you made on the folds. Bend them only as far as needed to get the eye glasses between them. This will allow the minimum amount of light to enter the "eye space."

Step 4: It Works!

Now someone with eye glasses can use a custom-adapted Dodocase in comfort. Since the flaps are left at an angle, a minimum amount of light will enter, allowing the full effect of the VR experience.

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