Introduction: VR + MakeyMakey = Immersive Experience for ALL

This tutorial will show you how to have a fun VR MakeyMakey experience. Enjoy!

Step 1: What You'll Need:

-MakeyMakey kit


-Conductive material(bananas, Plato, Ect.)

-Vr headset -Cell Phone

-These links:

Step 2: Set It Up!

Go to the MakeyMakey piano website and plug the MakeyMakey into your computer. Then, clip the alligator clips into the conductive material connecting the MakeyMakey to the conductive material. Go to the provided MakeyMakey VR space video on your cell phone, enter it into the headset, position everything so your MakeyMakey system is lined up with the virtual keyboard shown in the VR video, and enjoy your immersive VR experience!

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