Introduction: VU Meter With LED Strip

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Hi all,

For Christmas this year, I made simple decoration using LED Strip.

Hope this can inspired you .

Require parts :

  • LED Strips
  • Some Cables
  • IC lm3915
  • PNP Transistor, w/ rated current depend on your LED Strips
  • Variable Resistor to adjust level and brightness
  • some resistor

Step 1: The Basic Circuit

Before you use LM3915 for your purpose, it better to read the datasheet..

there you will get more information or schematic .

I build the circuit using protoboard PCB, please check this out

When I have checked the schematic and works, I will modify the circuit for my purpose.

Step 2: Modify the Circuit

revision history :

  • adding Terminal block for input/output because it's universal and simple
  • Replace fixed resistor with Variable resistor
  • adding Transistor BD140

I am using Led Strips with 30 Leds on that, and it require around 520mA so I need transistor to handle that, and choose BD140 for that. BD140 can handle 1.5A and 80V.

Check this datasheet

For transistor schematic, do not put high resistor on base, I am using 20 Ohm for my board

Step 3: Harness

For Harness , I using LAN cable because it have 8 cores, so it make more quick and clean for the installation.

if I using single core cable , I need around 80 meters , but when using LAN cable , I just need 10 Meter.

Step 4: Test and Finishing

test the circuit to calibrate the level.

and enjoy !

Feel free to asking me about this project ^^

Thank you !

Step 5: Video

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