VW Beetle 8GB USB Flash Drive

Introduction: VW Beetle 8GB USB Flash Drive

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This is an album of photos of a Volkswagen beetle model (about 1:64 scale,) which I dismantled and handpainted with a toothpick to look like an abandoned beetle found and painted by hippies. After painting, sufficient grinding and matte laquer spray, I glued an 8 GB USB inside and glued the "chassis" back to the die-cast shell.

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    Thanks PeoplesCar! I have no recollection of what make of toy car this one is, and all it said underneath was "MADE IN TAIWAN". I made this one for my geography teacher because he is a surfer and wanted an old type 2 VW Kombi in hippy colours, but after a few weeks of searching, all I could find was this beetle. I decided to not only make it look like some dirty hippies had their way with it, but make it look old, rusted and matte (faded paint). I sold this 8GB USB to him for 180 South African Rand. (More or less $200 USD) For some reason instructables won't let me reply to any comments, must be some problem with the captcha

    Didn't have any pics of it pre-sanding, so the first pics are of the already sanded shell.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I have tons of Beetle toys, I think I recognize this one (originally metallic orange, right? Made by Maisto?). I have used some of mine for art projects before, but never anything functional. Very cool.