Introduction: Vacuum Wardrobe

Vacuum wardrobe is a wardrobe which helps you with saving place for your clothes! The main idea is to use vacuum packages connected to air pump. You can just hang your clothes up in package, press the button and wardrobe will minimize it. You always can be sure your clothes is safe from a moth and dust. This project has been created in 6 days during FabSchool VII in FabLab Polytech, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Our Team consist from:

  • Antonov Ilya (The author of the project and moderator working team)
  • Chernogorskiy Slava
  • Dinara Garifullina
  • Evgeniy

Tools and materials:

StepDir laser was used for cutting plywood and plexiglas.

Step 1: Building Case

We decided to create a wardrobe with plywood 8mm and 6mm. We used StepDir laser for cutting, well-known programmes for 2D and 3D modeling (SolidWorks, CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator), calculated a sizes of walls and support under pump and electricity components. Then we collected all components in common and began installation vacuum system.

Step 2: Installing Vacuum System

We take a metal section, fix it in the wardrobe and then we attach a polypropilene's air tube for it.The T-couplers were used for teing off the tube. Then we connected this sytem to the vacuum packages. Air tube is connected to air pump. Thus, when you turn pump on, it starts pump air from packages out.

Step 3: Testing Vacuum Wardrobe

Vacuum wardrobe is ready, so now we can test how useful is it. We take 3 winter jackets and put them in our wardrobe. Without vacuum packing bags they take about 30 cm in length (see pic). After packing jackets to the bags and applying our vacuum system they take only 16 cm! So, with this system installed in, you can save half a wardrobe! Also there are some ways to improve it: you can buy vacuum bags with smaller vent on the top of it. Main advantage of this system that it takes much less time to pack your clothes, so you can use it as often as you need. Now we are planning to make this system autonomous (the pump will automatically turn on and turn off), so user will need only to put his clothes in the bags and close them.

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