Vacuum Cleaner Loss of Suction Fix (AEG AJM 6820 Jetmaxx)

Introduction: Vacuum Cleaner Loss of Suction Fix (AEG AJM 6820 Jetmaxx)

The AEG AJM 6820 Jetmaxx vacuum cleaner contains an ST BTB16/600BW TRIAC riveted to a heatsink. In my case not very firmly. This instructable shows you how to replace the TRIAC with a BTA24/800BW (24 Ampere / 800 Volt) TRIAC.

Losing suction

After the vacuum cleaner shut down suddenly during operation, but turned back on after cooling down, the vacuum strength seemed to have diminished. I took it in for repair, but got it back unrepaired because they couldn't find anything wrong.

Today it shut down again multiple times and I decided to replace the TRIAC with a new one I got from eBay. After replacement the suction power was back to when I first bought it: at some points it lifts the carpeting off the ground making it difficult to move the brush.

Step 1: Disassemble

  1. remove HEPA filter cover and filter
  2. unscrew all 4 T20 torx black screws holding the top cover in place
  3. remove black seal gasket
  4. on the backside gently push against the top cover above the clips shown in picture 4

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    N.B. The 4 chrome colored screws (also T20 torx) connect the vacuum engine to the chassis. They don't have to be unscrewed to replace the TRIAC.

    Step 2: Remove Circuit Board

    1. remove black tubing (provides airflow to heatsink of TRIAC)
    2. slide circuit board out of plastic holder
    3. set vacuum power slider to maximum and remove slider by pulling upwards

    Step 3: Replace BTB16/600 With BTA24/800

    1. with a 4mm drill bit remove heat sink from circuit board
    2. desolder BTB16 TRIAC (heat one solder joint and smack circuit board against the ground splashing the solder off of the circuit board or use a desoldering tool)
    3. solder three wires where the legs of the TRIAC were
    4. connect a new BTA24 TRIAC with a heat sink to the other end
    5. position and secure heatsink firmly in place
    6. direct the black tubing to the new heat sink
    7. finished! gently click and screw the cover back on.

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      4 years ago

      AEG Electrolux, in their great wisdom, decided to add another screw to prevent people from fixing their vacuum cleaners by the looks of it. They positioned it under the top of the flip cover (which you can't easily remove). The only way to get to it is with either a very low profile wrench or to take a Torx bit and some pliers. For the latter just put the bit in the screw, put your finger on it from the backside and then slowly rotate it using the pliers, after a few turns you can loosen it with your fingers. Additionally the spring clips were modified in more recent models, meaning you actually have to squeeze a screw driver or thin file in there to loosen the spring clips on the backside, gentle pressure didn't do it for me.