Vacuum Cleaner That Sucks... or Rather Doesn't Suck




Introduction: Vacuum Cleaner That Sucks... or Rather Doesn't Suck

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This upright cleaner was about to go into a skip (dumpster), I asked the throw-ee what was wrong and was told it didn't clean very well.  As it looked nearly new I asked if I could have it and this "fix it" began.

I got it home switched it on and sure enough although some dog hair (liberally scattered for the purpose) did end up in the right place, most stayed on the floor.

I quick look revealed the problem, a gap between the collecting tube and the main body.on the cleaner.

Step 1: Search for Parts

A quick sort through the plumbing department of the workshop gleaned a piece of tube and a rubber seal for a waste trap.

Step 2: Make the Connection

The tube was chucked in the lathe and a short piece was parted off.

Step 3: Ready to Go

The white tube was glued into the clear plastic collecting tube, the rubber seal was pushed on and the cleaner was reassembled.

It now works perfectly, FIXED!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    We had a very similar model and the idea is that once the motor is switched on, the vacuum produced sucks all the joins together* but as you've found, sometimes they're too far apart to get that initial seal.  I replaced many of the parts on ours, including the motor (tricky). 
    It's also worth checking the transparent flexible tube from the cleaning head to the bottom pipe as these sometimes split. 
    (* I know, I know; it's the atmospheric pressure pushing them together #;¬)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    That is exactly it, if you turned it on and pressed the parts together it did work, but it now works every time with no faffing about.