Introduction: Valentine Cards

These were really easy to make! I actually traced a heart cookie cutter had decorated paper and found a clip art of the elephant on the web a little 2 sided tape and printed a cute sentiment and made little hearts for the kids names and put a sucker into the heart and you have an instant valentines day card that you can be proud of!

Step 1: Valentine Elephant Cards!

1. I made my own heart out of the yellow paper and cut it out

2. I then traced a big heart on red paper out of a cookie cutter and cut it out and used double sided tape to tape it to the yellow heart.

3. I traced a medium sized cookie cutter heart on pattern paper

4. I cut out the medium sized heart

5. I used double sided tape to tape the medium sized heart to the big heart on red paper

6. I downloaded an elephant clip art

7. I used pop dots to put the elephant on the medium sized paper heart to give the elephant a 3-d look

8. I then traced a smaller heart from a cookie cutter to put To and From names on

9. I then cut out a piece of white paper and added a cute sentiment and taped it on the medium sized heart, I added some dots from a blue gel pen to make the sentiment stand out. Also: I made hearts from a mold and used Wiltons Candies (blue) I melted them and then put them in the freezer to harden and added a stick to the mold with the melted heart candies and when they hardened I then popped them out of the mold and put them in sucker bags and added them to the heart by using double sided tape to make them stick to the inside of the hearts!

10. I now have cute little valentines that my son can give his class mates.

Step 2:

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