Introduction: Valentine

This Valentine is sure to impress! Not only does this card qualify as a valentine, but it can also serve as a beautiful card for other occasions. Grab a pair of scissors, paper and pen to get started.

Step 1: Gather Material

You will need:
-a cutting tool
-decorating supplies

If your paper is not already square, make it a square by either 1) measuring out the sides, so they are all equal 2) folding paper into a triangle and cutting off the extra (not used for the triangle).

Step 2: Make Your Folds

Fold in half, unfold, turn 90 degrees, and fold in half again.
Unfold and flip the paper over. Fold the paper in half across the diagonal.
Your creases should look like those in the pictures.

Step 3: Make Your Final Fold

Push the diagonal creases together and fold flat.

Step 4: Make Your Cuts

Turn the Valentine so the bottom corner is the point at which the two creased sides intersect. Lightly sketch the top of a heart on the top half of your valentine.
Cut along the lines and decorate your heart shaped Valentine!

Optional finishing touch: If desired, punch a hole(s) on the open end of the Valentine and thread a ribbon through them.

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