Introduction: Valentine's Day Party Table Idea

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Happy Valentine's Day (on a budget) Everyone!

Step 1: Materials

Most of the materials needed are available at Dollarstore, hence why I wrote 'on a budget' in the description :) And I promise you, this table is without much hassle.

You can find many decorations and gift/food boxes that are Valentine's Day related at Dollarstore whenever it is close to Valentine's Day. In fact, a month before Valentine's Day, they already stock up their store(s) with things related.

So I got pink/red/Valentine's Day cups, plates, napkins, fork etc

I also got the caramels, candies, chocolate wafer rolls (too bad couldnt find strawberry flavored one, that would be pink instead chocolate as shown on picture)

Grab some chocolate bars too and also pink frosting/sugar sheet of Wilton also at Dollarstore (score!!! - way cheaper than at Walmart or Wilton's website!)

And for additional, I got heavy cream, Fruit Loops cereal, made sugar cookies, made tiered cakes that I covered with fondant, decorated with sugar sheet and fresh flowers, canned sodas (purple/pink ones from Crush)

You are set to go!

With double side sticky tape I secured some hearts ornaments/decorations to the wall

Cover the table with Valentine's Day/hearts table sheet from Dollarstore

Scoop cereal into cupcake liners (Dollarstore) and place them on cupcake tower rack (also Dollarstore)

Fill up candy jars (also from Dollarstore) with candies, caramels, wafer rolls and hearts

Spread out some tulip/rose shaped lollies (from Dollarstore) on table where kids can just grab them whenever they want to

The cookies are regular digestive milk cookies (Dollarstore or Walmart)

Inside the food boxes are milk chocolate truffle (recipe follows)

For the cake, you can bake any cakes of your preference (I know Valentine's Day is authentic with red velvet cake, but our cake was plain chocolate and vanilla). Because I was really lazy, I only covered the cake with plain fondant and cut strips of pink sugar sheet and attach them as ribbon overlapping then just place fresh flower on top. Seriously lazy person's cake ;-)

See, really no hassle Valentine's Day Party Table


2 bars milk chocolate @ 100 grams each

1/4 c + 2 tbsp heavy cream 35 %

Heat heavy cream in microwave for 45 seconds then add in chopped chocolate and stir to melt

Let sit in room temperature then chill in the fridge until ready making truffle

Scoop a tbsp ganache and roll into balls

You can then roll/coat with icing sugar, cocoa powder or sprinkles

Place balls into mini cupcake liner and place inside the food boxes

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