Introduction: Valentine's Day Snacks

So it's that time of the year and you want to make a sweet little thing for your schoolmates, teachers, friends, family or complete stranger? Here's an easy and lovely way to show you care!

Step 1: Gather Ingredients for the Snack

The printable template for the box is coming soon - working on it -.
I found the cute boxes on the picture at a crafts shop, you can find some easily if you want to skip that step, but it isn't that hard to make and you can customize them!

Step 2: Make the Sandwich

Cut out one circle each into two slices of bread. The size of the circle should be about the same as the cupcake cup you'll be using to hold everything together (see step 4).
Spread a thin layer of cream cheese and one layer of jam on one slice of bread and top it with the other bread circle to make a sandwich.

Step 3: Make the House

After cutting the green part off the strawberry, put it on the skewer and add the marshmallow, as shown on the picture above. Be sure that the larger part of the strawberry is the one touching the marshmallow, so it looks like a house ;)

Cut out a small and long piece of paper to make a tiny flag at the top of the skewer. Add glue on the inside parts of the paper so it sticks together and onto the skewer.
You can draw anything you want on it!

Step 4: Put Pieces Together

Once you've made the cup out of the template -coming soon- or found any cupcake cup you like, put some strawberries inside to fill it up. Add the sandwich on top, then place the strawberry house on the sandwich, sinking the screwer in the sandwich a bit so it stays in place.
As a safety tip, I recommend you cut out the sharp part of the wooden screwer, especially if you're giving this snack to kids.

Step 5: Package It Up!

Now you've got the snack ready, congratulations! Almost done.
One of my favorite things when I prepare something for someone, wether I know them or not, is to add special attention to the packaging - this is a chance to really show how much you care! You know how the saying goes "It's not what you say, it's how you say it"? Well, packaging is the "how". Not to say the snack can be awful though.

Step 6: Name Tags

Take any plastic pouch and place the snack inside. Close the bag with the rope, and place this package into the kraft bag (keeps the surprise hidden!).

Perforate holes into the top part of the kraft bag and slide the rope with name tags (yours and the person you'll give it to) so it keeps the bag closed. Tie a knot, and...

Step 7: Enjoy Giving!

You're done!

Store in a cool place until you give it, and remember we all love special attentions when they show genuine care, so don't worry about the overall look in the end, it really is about the time and effort you put in.
So - be kind, be generous, and enjoy :)