Introduction: Valentines Lap Quilt

Sewing machine
Embrodiary machine
Cutting board
Rotary cutter
Red,Pink,Red&White Heart material, Red&White Poke a Dot Material
Quilt batting
Measuring Tape
Iron & Iron Board

This lap quilt was made for my nieces husbands mother, who had a heart
transplant on 01-05-2014. I have never meet this lady but this was a gift
from my heart to hers. She was number one on the transplant list and
within two days she received a heart and as of this day she is doing great!
She received the Quilt on Valentines Day!

Step 1:

First I ironed and pressed all the material
Then I cut 8 1/2 in. Squares out of the pink &  pink & white hearts
12 pink squares, 13 red & white heart squares
Next I laid them out on the floor starting with the heart squares then the pink
making a roll of five
Next was starting with the pink squares then the heart squares.
This was alternating until there was five rolls down.
Then I sewed each roll together

Step 2:

Next I cut the red material into 2 1/2 in. Strips
Starting from the top roll working my way down
to the bottom roll, if the ends were to long I would 
trim them to match the end of the squares.
Next I added the sides of the red strips to the quilt.
I also trimmed the ends.

Step 3:

After Ironing the back I placed top upside down on the floor
Placed the batting on top and then I placed the red material on
top of the batting noting I needed to add extra to it.
I cut the red & white poke a dot material 4 1/2 in. And sewed it to the edges of the 
red material then again placed it on the back side of the batting
making sure it was centered by using the measuring tape.
Flipped the quilt over and pinned it really well.
Then with regular sewing machine I Quilted it by using stitch in the
On the edges Flipped the red and white poke a dot material over
had to do some trimming, pinned each edge and then sewed it.

Step 4:

On the pink squares I used my Embrodiary Machine to put the
Hearts on them. I had to change the thread at least 12 times on
each heart. Each heart took up to about 1-2 hours to do.

Step 5:

On the red and white heart material I embrodiary the names of her boys, 
their birthdays, her name and BD in the middle of the quilt I put
Donor Heart Recipient and date. I used dark teal color tread for the names 
and dates and the scroll I used Gold color Thread

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