Introduction: Valentines Ombre Hearts!

This is my first instructable and this is about nails. I think it would be a really great and stylish look for valentines day so that's why uploaded it!

The polishes I used are: 17 gel colour pink flamlngo, new look's candy pink, rimmel london's instyle coral (theses are for the ombre hearts). For the base i used natuaral collection's white and added a top coat for shine.

I hope this is an easy valentines nail design if so, say below please.

3 or more colours one base colour, one top coat, a base coat
(optinial) aswell as your ombre colours. Alongside that you need to have tooth picks and a nail file(optinial). Adding on to that you could also put one colour on the rest of your nails for some more style! Please note that my nails are alot smaller than other peoples!!

Step 1: Your Base,starting Off

Start with your base coat or base colour. Just make sure your coats are dry!

Step 2: Your First Heart

With your tooth-pick dip it into your nail polish bottle and place three dots in a triangle.
You also want to leave room below and next to your new heart. (This will help for the next step).

Step 3: Finishing Off

Now you have to add all the other ombre colours in hearts. I went two at
the top,three at the bottom and four at the very bottom. Rember this is for you,be creative! As you can do it oppisite the way of mine or do it with different styles!