Introduction: Valentines Waterfall Card

i like waterfall cards
so i made a small attempt of making this valentines special simple waterfall card
for making it we need
4 colorful cards (preferably thick)
color pens

Step 1:

now for main card cut 20 x 15 cm paper
cut another paper - size 25 x 5 cm
from 3rd color paper cut 4 pieces of 5 x 5 cm size
from 4th color paper cut 10 x 2 cm piece

Step 2:

now on 25 x 5 cm paper strip mark points at 5 cm, 7 cm, 9 cm and 11 cm

Step 3:

fold main paper 20 x 15 cm into a card
put a glue on the ends (only on the ends) of strip 10x 2 cm
and stick it at the bottom of the main card around 2 cm above the bottom of the card

Step 4:

fold 25 x 5 cm strip at 5cm, 7 cm, 9 cm and 11 cm (previously marked)
and slide that strip through 10 x 2 cm strip (refer photo)

Step 5:

now apply glue on 5 cm folded side of 25 x 5 cm strip
pass that strip through 10x 2 cm strip as shown in photo
and stick it on 10 x 2 cm strip as shown

Step 6:

put glue on 5 x 5 cm piece of paper and stick it on 25 x 5 cm strip as shown
then apply glue on the folded strip part as shown in picture and stick 5 x 5 cm paper onto it
repeat the same thing with remaining 2 papers
the final result will be as shown in the picture

Step 7:

now you can write some quote on the card like i have written
then open individual paper flap so formed and put some stickers

now your card is ready now pull and push the paper strip to see waterfall effect

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