Introduction: Valve Adapter From Schrader to Coleman

I do lots of camping. In the camping, I need air pump to inflate my Coleman Air Bed. Air bed has this double valve. There are two kinds of Coleman air pumps on the market. The 120V electric version requires a 12V to 120V inverter. It means an extra piece of tool that i need to carry on the trip. The 12V version has its own problem. It is running at 10 amps, barely under fuse limit. It could potentially blow up fuse. And pump needs to take a 15 min rest after every 15 min usage. In the meantime, I have a powerful car pump on the car to inflator the tire. The picture, the car pump is a 100% duty one, and I hand made a fuse switch box for it. I want a adapter that allows me use bike pump to air Coleman mattress.

Step 1: Find 3 Raw Parts

you need 3 kinds of raw material

1) Schrader to 1/4" MNPT adapter

2) 1/4" MNPT to 3/4" FNPT adapter

3) 3/4" x 3/4" MNPT straight connector

4) 1" Shrink Wrap to cover the tip of (3)

5) that is it.

Cost: $20 for raw material.