Introduction: Vampiress

Thirsty and waiting for her next sweet treat..

Step 1: Materials

She's lurking around for the second year. Here's two different uses.

Styrofoam Mannequin Head (local beauty supply/wig store will sell about $5.00)
Two (2) Crystal craft gems
Glue gun
Acrylic paint
Red nail polish
Plastic cheap vampire teeth
Old wig
Push pins

Something to prop her:

1. Used a decorative bowl on my coffee table and hot glued the styrofoam mannequin head in the center of it (easily to remove when finished)

Great deterrent for kids hands. My son would not reach in to get any candy.. Lol.

2. Used a large candle stick and duck taped the styrofoam head to it.


1. Begin painting the face and giving it some features. I used acrylic paint for the eyes and the red nail polish on the lips. I then hot glued crystal craft gems for the pupil.
2. Cut off the two fang teeth from the plastic vampire teeth and put hot glue on the ends and press into the styrofoam.
3. Prop the stryofoam head onto a base of some sort.
4. Add the wig and use press pins into the styrofoam to hold it into place.
5. Next wrap the cap around her neck and use more press pins into the styrofoam.