Introduction: Van Monitor

The van Monitor will allow me to have inside cabin temperature, out temperature, an additional temperature connection (fridge, etc). Also I can have Utility battery voltage important if you are off grid. and finally you have all information from a GPS like Latitude, Longitude and Altitude, no. of satellites and more. The project can very easy converted into a truck tracking. Or to track and save your cool trips and special places where no road are.



1) Enclosure

2) Arduino Uno

3) GPS

4) Analog Voltage Divider Sensor

5) 3 x DS18B20 OneWire waterproof digital temperature sensor ( in my sample I have installed 2 only, one for inside cabin and out temperature) a third one can be used for the fridge

6) 5x wire attach

7) 4k7 Resistor.

8) Block terminals see photos

9) 12 x bushing silicone and screws, and nuts

10) PCB board

11) Nextion TFT display (HMI software nedd to be download it from nextion web site is free. I will add a link with my HMI code later


1) Drill and drill bits

2) Router

3) solder

4) cable cutter and other necessary to manage the cables

Step 1: Diagram

Please follow diagram. Very easy to follow and connect things.

I use a terminal blocks to connect all temperature sensor and the Analog Voltage sensor in a PCB board. In the diagram I am using a proto-board just for clarity

Step 2: Coding

follow the code:

Van terminal is the code for arduino (C#) and demo1 is the HMI code for Nextion. You need to downnload the Nextion HMI programming tool from Nextion website

Step 3: Frame

For the monitor I have made or really try to make :( a frame for the display with the router. But I realize it is was more difficult than I thought. For that reason I am not adding any steps here. I need to practice more with my router before came up with something ready for prime time.

Hey I finanly desided to use sketup software and a 3D printer to print the faceplate. I Upload the Stl file. so all you need to do is print this STL in a 3D printer.


Step 4: Putting All Together

Here is all components connected. Now is time to check before install. I have connected my Arduino to my PC download the code. To copy the code into the Nextion processor. You need an SD card, and copy the Build file into the SD, then disconnect from your laptop and connect the SD to your nextion. Next add power, you will see that immediately it power on it start installing the HMI into your display. your HMI build code is the only thing that have to be in your SD card. Once it finished remove the SD card and connect to your arduino and done!!! is ready to go.

Ahh a do not forget to remove the SD card from the nextion, Otherwise it will start the process of cipoing the MHI build software again.

So enjoy the video

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