Vanellope Von Schweetz (Wreck It Ralph)

Introduction: Vanellope Von Schweetz (Wreck It Ralph)

So we're here to make Sugar Rush's adorable glitch/President, Vanellope Von Schweetz! Here in the introduction I'm going to give you a list of everything you'll need to complete the project.


Ferrari from Arda Wigs here in black (064) or for cost-effectiveness, here's a cheaper one from Amazon!

Crayola Model Magic in white (1 pack will actually be sufficient for the entire costume)

Acrylic Paint (pink, lime, magenta, mint green, leaf green, red, yellow, orange)

Clear Nail Polish or Finishing Spray (make sure it's glossy and not matte!)


This sweater in mint from Amazon

Rubber cording like this in hot pink (I got mine from Etsy, but if you find it elsewhere, go for it!)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks (I used a low temp gun for this whole project)

Clear Nail Polish or glossy finishing spray


Leggings in mint like these

Jacquard textile paint in white (I got mine on Amazon, one 2.25 oz jar will be more than enough)

Magenta sharpie

Cookie Medal: (my boyfriend attended the con as Ralph, so I made the medal for him, but it still works for Vanellope's costume, too!)

Crayola Model Magic in white (same package you used for the hair candies)

Acrylic paint (teal or mint, pink, mango or orange, magenta, dark brown, white)

White Puffy Paint

Finishing spray or clear nail polish

Sheer Pink ribbon

Glitter glue in pink

Loctite or other super glue


Approx. 3 yards of micro suede in Potting Soil brown (I used 144 potting soil solid micro suede)

Approx. 3 yards of interfacing (I used Pellon #911 FF fusible featherweight)

Sewing machine (sorry, I tried to avoid sewing, too...but it's just not going to happen lol)


I purchased a pair of knock-off TOMS from Five Below and they did the trick. I may make actual boots for photo shoots at a later time, and I'll definitely update this instructable if I do!

I may make a purse to represent her race car in the near future, I'll update again if I get to it!

Step 1: Candy Hair Pieces and Wig

Here are the candy pieces you'll need to make for Vanellope's hair:

  • 2 gummy bears; magenta on the right side, lime on the left
  • 2 conversation hearts; pink on the right, red on the left
  • 2 green peppermints, one on each side
  • 3 yellow stars; right side, left side, ponytail
  • 19 circle sprinkles
    • Right bang- 1 red, 1 orange, 2 mint green
    • Right side- 1 red, 1 orange, 1 lime, 1 yellow
    • Pony Tail- 1 red, 2 mint green, 2 yellow
    • Left side- 1 red, 1 orange, 1 lime, 1 magenta
    • Left Bang- 1 mint green, 1 magenta
  • 24 Jimmies or large, straight sprinkles
    • Right bang- 1 orange, 1 lime, 1 magenta
    • Right side- 3 red, 2 mint green, 3 lime, 1 magenta
    • Pony Tail- 1 orange, 2 lime, 1 mint green, 1 magenta
    • Left side- 1 red, 1 lime, 1 mint, 1 magenta
    • Left Bang- 1 orange, 1 magenta, 1 purple
  • (There are also tiny jimmies on her hair, it's up to you whether or not to include them. There should be 7 on the left and 5 on the right sides of her head)

Sculpt your conversation hearts, peppermints, and gummy bears first. That way they can dry a bit while you sculpt your stars, jimmies, and circles.

Once you have all your candy pieces, start painting! For the gummy bears, peppermints, and jimmies, I painted a layer or two of clear nail polish on top to give it that shiny candy-like sheen!

I would recommend waiting to sculpt her licorice hair tie until you have your wig completely styled and ready. Once that tie goes on, it'll have to dry there and be glued down. There's no coming off!

Next you'll want to style your wig. Here's a video on how to give a wig a high ponytail. Don't forget to leave some hair towards the front so you can cut and style your bangs!

After you have your wig prepped and ready for candy, sculpt your licorice hair tie. What I did was take some of my Model Magic, formed it into a long rectangular block, then twisted it gently to give it the licorice look. You could also just sculpt the twists, it will give you a more uniform appearance to your licorice. At this point, position it on your wig until you're happy with it, then either use Loctite (super glue) or hot glue to fasten it to the wig itself. Wait for your piece to dry, then paint it red, and give it a glossy coat. (You can skip having to do two steps by brushing on puffy paint! It dries glossy!)

Let everything dry and attach some wig clips to the front middle, and
both temples of your wig since it is extremely back heavy. You can either sew them in or glue them in. It's easier to do this step now so there's no fear of candy pieces flying off as you attach them.

Now it's time to attach your smaller candy pieces. For this step I recommend using superglue and not hot glue, just because the pieces are small and glue burns hurt like the dickens.

Your wig is done! Onto the next step which is...

Step 2: Vanellope's Sweater

Easy peasy. The sweater was probably the easiest thing for the entire costume.

Pull out the hood string that came with your hoodie and replace it with the desired length of rubber cording.

Cut small holes above and in the front pocket using either my photo or a reference photo of Vanellope as your guide. Lace small pieces of the cording through your holes and hot glue them into place

Once everything is attached and dry, dig out that clear nail polish again and coat all visible cording. This was actually an afterthought for me, thinking how dull the cording looked. So I dug out the polish and gave it a few coats! It gives it a candy shine and actually roughs it up a bit to look like licorice!

Step 3: Ralph's/Vanellope's Cookie Medal

I sculpted the actual cookie part of my cookie first, let it dry, and painted it a sand/tan color, then sculpted the frosting on the front as a separate piece of clay. I laid down a coating of white paint on the front leaving some edges, added some glue, and adhered the top frosting piece (I did not let the frosting dry completely before doing this so I could shape it better to my cookie).

Next you'll want to paint it with that mint green or even teal acrylic paint, and before the piece dries, write " youre my hero" on the front in white puffy paint.

Take the tip of a smaller paint brush (like, the end that isn't the brush) and make small indentations for those tiny spherical sprinkles. I used a photo of the medal as a reference for placement and color.

I shaped tiny pieces of model magic for these sprinkles, glued each one in individually, then carefully painted them. I used a hot pink, orange, lime, and magenta paint for these and left some white.

Once that whole front piece is completely dry, spray it down with finishing spray!

Next you'll want to make the lanyard for the medal. I took a sheer pink ribbon, measured it to the desired length, and cut two identical pieces. Then, take your glitter glue and go nuts on one of the pieces! You'll sandwich the second piece of ribbon on top, and form it into the shape you need for the lanyard before it dries and becomes too stiff.

After your sour tape lanyard has dried, glue it to the back of your cookie medal. Now you can sculpt your back frosting piece, and glue it on top of your lanyard. Let this clay dry, then paint it a dark chocolate brown, and give that frosting some sparkle! I happened to have some clear nail polish with tiny glitter pieces in it (China Glaze "Fairy Dust"). Once completely dry, write "To: Stinkbrain" with your white puffy paint.

Now just spray it once again with your glossy finishing spray, and you're done! Onto the skirt!

Step 4: Vanellope's Skirt

Vanellope's skirt is a peanut butter cup wrapper, so to achieve the right shine, I used micro suede.

You can also follow this video example here of how to complete Vanellope's skirt.

First step will be to go to and input your measurements. I made my bottom layer thirteen inches long (measuring from my waist to mid-thigh) and for the top layer, I just subtracted four inches (nine inches). You can make this skirt as short or as long as you wish depending on your comfort level or fabric amount.

Grab some newspaper and get to drafting! You can cut either half skirt pieces or quarter skirt pieces like I did. I used a super long ruler as a makeshift compass, but feel free to use what you find easiest. Once you have your quarter, or half, circles drawn (best to do this in a corner so it's easier) cut them out and fold them in half continuously until you have about one inch sections. Unfold your paper and mark your fold lines from top to bottom, it's best to use a ruler for this part.

Now you'll want to fold them back up alternatively so it looks like the picture I have posted above. Flatten it out onto your fabric as much as possible and pin into place. When cutting, don't forget your seam allowance on all sides! When you cut your fourth and final piece, I added two extra peaks or folds just in case the skirt shrunk too much after sewing and pressing.

After all four pieces have been cut out, pin them together right sides facing, and leave the skirt open (in other words, don't sew the whole way around otherwise you won't be able to make your pleats! Sew your pieces together so you have one long piece of material

Now cut out your interfacing pieces! Remember to NOT give a seam allowance for this step. Once your pieces are all cut, trace your fold lines and iron on your interfacing. Let it cool before you start folding and ironing once again. This step is going to take some patience and a strong arm! Start folding and ironing your pleats.

I let my pleats sit overnight wrapped up in a hair tie before I did any sewing.

I used a hook and eye closure and a zipper, it's up to you on how you want to fasten your skirt.

All done!

Step 5: Vanellope's Tights/Leggings

The leggings were also super simple to do. There are two ways you can go about this. One, put on your leggings, grab a buddy and some masking tape, go to town getting your edges right, then put cardboard down the legs to stretch it to the right size, and paint.


You could do what I did and just go for it with a brush and your fabric paint. The first one is definitely easier, and had I had the extra time, I would have gone that route.


If you just go about making your lines up her leg, it will still turn out great. Both sides angle up and to the left, her right leg being much steeper than the left.

After your paint dries, it will need to be heat set. I use an iron on the recommended setting for the fabric, place a cloth or extra piece of old fabric on top, and gently iron until the whole section is warm.

I used a purple sharpie to create that purple line that runs up her left side.


Step 6: Shoes

I purchased some cheapo "TOMS" from Five Below, and they work great. They're comfortable and work in a pinch. You could go as far as painting the white soles pink or black since she does have pink frosting on the bottoms, or just black to match the rest.

If I decide to make her boots, I'll add those steps in this section!

Step 7: Last But Not!

Now you're ready for the con! You've got your costume on, your wig is perfect, and now you need some adorable makeup to finish it all off. I will post pictures after my first makeup test so you have better reference, but for now I'll just give you a close up of this cutie's face!

Start yourself off with your favorite foundation or powder, give yourself some rosy cheeks and nose, then for your eyes, go with a flesh tone as the base of your whole lid, a pale yellow covering half of your eyelid from the middle of out toward your ears, then a light-ish brown on the very outside at your lash line. Swipe on some black eyeliner (a very thin line right against your lashes) then apply your favorite black mascara. For her lips, stick with a nude color, or no color at all.

You're done! If you have any questions, feel free to message me here, or find me on Facebook at Skyward Song Cosplay!

I also have Twitter (@SkywardCosplay) and Instagram (@skywardsongcosplay)

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    7 years ago

    you should show a picture of the finished project. & of the steps in between. sounds like it is cute


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I will absolutely add more photos of the finished product! As for the steps in between, the pictures I have posted are the only ones I have. Which steps did you think need explained a bit more?


    Reply 7 years ago

    OK, thank you


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I think you explained very well. I guess my computer was glitching because the pictures were not showing up.


    Reply 7 years ago

    yes, plz post the finishing photo


    Reply 7 years ago

    I'm having a shoot on Monday so once those are edited and sent my way I'll post them :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I bet this'll turn out really cute. Congratulations on your first Instructable! I hope we see more from you in the future.