Introduction: Variable Computer Stand

This is not only a story on the computer stand with its online and customizable design, its also a short introduction in the (envisioned final version) of iPath.

IPath is an open source Javascript library for scripting drawings and designs and is particularly useful for scripting variable templates for CNC machines. The completed template for the computerstand is online and is here. Use the sliders to modify the design and once it is to your liking just download it and use it for your own benefit.

But what is more interesting is how YOU can use iPath to script YOUR drawings. Enjoy the movie below!


A computer with internet and modern (non IE) browser.

A CNC machine.

A sheet of (ply)wood

Step 1: The Tutorial

Step 2: The Materialization

Originally iPath was intended for scripting CNC designs (flat pack) However I think it is also useable for sewing patterns, or creating online reactive images & icons, package designs, paper craft & paper models.

Visit iPath on github. Or browse through my collections of customisable designs

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