Introduction: Variable Pocket Power Supply

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if you want to test some circuits or do some stuff on the go

we need power supply

but it is impossible to take the bench power supply anywhere

so i made a smaller version of the power supply called (variable pocket power supply)

Step 1: Things Required

Things required to make this project is

  1. DC-DC buck converter
  2. 9v battery
  3. battery connector
  4. zip tie
  5. wire

Step 2: Step 1

first solder the wire on on the output terminal of the circuit

and solder the battery connector on the input terminal

Step 3: Step 2

connect the battery with the circuit

and secure the circuit with the battery with zip tie

Step 4: Step 3

After connecting the battery we can able to see the led is glowing

we can able to adjust the voltage adjusting the potentiometer

turn the potentiometer clockwise to increase the voltage

turn the potentiometer anticlockwise to decrease the voltage

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