Introduction: Variable Power Supply(3.3v)

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variable power supply

But I'm using it for my esp8266-01 iot home automation project

which work only on 3.3 volts 5 volts kills it

The most efficient way to convert 5v to 3v is to use a linear voltage regulator

so this instructable is to show how to use variable linear voltage properly

particular 3.3 volts


Required components:-

1. LM317(T) voltage regulator ic

2. 1k or 2k resistor (any according to formula)

3. 10k potentiometer or trimmer

4. 1uf electrolytic capacitor(minimum)

5. 0.1uf ceramic capacitor

6. Breadboard

7. Some jumper wires

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Step 1: Calculating Resistor Values R1 and R2

Vout = 3.3v (in my case)

after some calculation and neglecting some value I came up with this equation



I am using R2 as a potentiometer

and R1= 2.2k

Step 2: ​Assembling Components

Step 3: