Geometric Christmas Lasercut Designs

Introduction: Geometric Christmas Lasercut Designs

About: Fabmanager in Edulab, fablab of Rennes 2 University, France

Today, we propose you some geometric patterns foryour Christmas decorations.

We offer you (in Step 4) to download and to laser cut the vector files !

And, if you wish, a short tutorial (in Step 1,2,3) show you how to create this type of design your own with vector image software.


Vous êtes francophone ? Voici la version française de la documentation

Step 1: Make Your Own Designs ! (1/3)

Use a hexagon, duplicate it several times and place them wherever you want.

Step 2: Make Your Own Designs ! (2/3)

Copy the previous set to flip it symmetrically and attach it to the first set.

Step 3: Make Your Own Designs ! (3/3)

Add lines of junctions symmetrically to your liking.

Step 4: Download and Laser Cut

Download the original plans of the patterns (either in PDF or SVG format, depending on your laser cutting).

Then cut them out of 3mm (1-1/8 inch) thick wood.

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