Vegan Landscape Meal

Introduction: Vegan Landscape Meal

This simple entree is unique and very easy to make. It is vegan, gluten-free and eye-catchingly delicious.

You Will Need:
Purple Potatoes
Green Beans
Brown Rice
Wild Rice
Vegan Margarine (Becel is great)

Step 1: Peel Purple Potatoes

The purple potatoes will be the most difficult item to find - check your local farmer's market.

Step 2: Boil, Mash and Shape

Boil the peeled potatoes, mash 'em and then form them into a triangular, mountain-shaped mound on each plate.

Step 3: Other Prep and Decoration

Cook the brown and wild rice in individual vessels - don't mix together.
Boil the spinach, broccoli and green beans separately.

Once the ingredients have all been cooked and the mashed potato mountain formed, you can begin to fill in your landscape.

Start with a thick line of brown rice - this will be your sandy riverbank.
Next fill in the empty spaces with wild rice; the dark brown is perfect for rich soil.

Lay the spinach in a long strip atop the brown rice to make a nice deep green body of water. Add broccoli trees around the foot of the mountain, then use the green beans to form rows like crops in a field. Finally, sprinkle a couple of peas around to stand as shrubs, bushes or smaller plants.

Step 4: The Final Step

Add a small dollop of vegan margarine to the tip of your mashed potatoes and let it melt into a fantastic snow-cap for your mountain.

And you're done. Yum, both appetizing and attractive - Enjoy!

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I'm planning on designing a dessert and/or breakfast version in the near future too. ;)