Vegan Pumpkin With Plums Desert

Introduction: Vegan Pumpkin With Plums Desert

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Products(for 5-6):
1 average pumpkin (about 2kg)
10-12 plums (or prunes, both are perfect)
150g of lokum*
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon dried ginger
200ml water

Preparing the Pumpkin
Cut the pumpkin in two and remove the seed. I’d keep the seeds aside, clean them from the pumpkin flesh and let dry for a couple of days. Here are some raw homemade seeds for later.
Wash the pumpkin and carve it with a spoon in a way that it could take the filling later. Don’t throw away the pieces you carve – will use them too. Use a fork to pierce the flesh of the pumpkin, so that the sweet juice from the filling can saturate it while baking.
Once ready, put in a pan and leave aside.

The Filling
 Cut the plums (or prunes) in 4, remove the core and add to the carved pumpkin flesh in a bowl. Now cut the lokum in small cubicles (0.5 cm) and put it in too. Add the cinnamon and the ginger and mix well.

Putting the Two Together
Divide the filling in two and distribute it evenly on the surface of the pumpkin halves. Pour the water in the pan.
Heat the oven in 120 C, put the pan in and bake for about 1.5 hours. It is ready when the flesh is tender, you can try to poke it with a fork.

Want to see what happened meanwhile in the kitchen? Check the full Vegan Pumpkin with Plums Desert recipe :)

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