Introduction: Vegetable Stuffed Potato Cutlets With Tamarind & Cilantro-Lemon Chutney

This is a great appetizer and snack item. Its crunchy on the outside and moist in the inside. All in all, from raw materials to finished should take no more than one hour. 

First we will cover the stuff recipe followed by the recipes for the chutneys.

Step 1: Ingredients Needed

These are the ingredients to make 7 cutlets.

For Potatoes:
Potatoes - 3 medium
Salt - to taste
Chili powder - 1/4 teaspoon
Amchur (Mango Dry) powder - 1/4 teaspoon
Garam Masala - 1/4 teaspoon

For the stuffing:
Onion - 1 Medium size
Beetroot - 1 Medium Size
Carrot - 1 Medium Size
Green Chili - 1 medium
Cilantro leaves - 4 tablespoons
Roasted Peanuts (Crushed ) - 4 tablespoons
Oil - 3 teaspoons
Chili powder - 1/4 teaspoon
Amchur (Mango Dry) Powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Salt - To taste
Gram-masala - 1/2 teaspoon

Step 2: Boiling Mashed Potatoes and Stuffing Prep

In a separate frying pan, heat (3) teaspoon of oil, then add green chilis and onions. Saute them until soft. Then add grated carrots, chopped beetroots, chili powder, garam masala, amchur (mango dry) powder, and salt (to taste).

Just before the mixture becomes soft, add some cilantro leaves as well as some chopped roasted peanuts.

Also boil the potatoes. We used a pressure cooker to boil them, but you can do it using a microwave or any other medium you are comfortable with.

After the potatoes are boiled, let them cool, then peel off the skin and mix all the seasoning ingredients.

Step 3: Creating the Cutlets and Fryin' Em!

To create the cutlet, you need to first, take a little bit of mashed potato, create the shape of a small bowl, put the stuffing inside the potato, and close the potato into a ball. Finally, smash the ball slightly across one direction so you achieve a shape in the pictures below.

Now we are ready to fry em. Before we do that, we need to roll them through breadcrumbs. For the breadcrumbs to stick roll the cutlets through a medium that will allow breadcrumbs to stick. We used a mixture of a little bit of flour with water, but you can also egg yolk/white. Once the breadcrumbs are on the cutlet, put two cups of oil in a frying pan. Bring the temperature upto 350-375F. We only need to fry them for 2-4 minutes. They should come out golden brown and delicious looking.

Step 4: Cilantro-Lemon and Tamarind Chutney

Making both of these chutneys are very simple.

Cilantro-Lemon Chutney

Ingredients Needed
Cilantro - 1 Bunch
Green Chili - 3 (Can change to your preference)
Lemon - 1
Salt - To Taste

Simply put everything in a grinder except the lemon. Grind it, then add some one lemon juice. Enjoy!

Tamarind Chutney

Ingredients Needed
Tamarind - 1 cup
Dates - 1 cup
Brown sugar - 1/2 cup
Red chili powder - 1 teaspoon
Roasted cumin seed powder - 1 teaspoon
Red chili powder - 1 teaspoon
Salt - To taste

Soak tamarind and dates in separate bowl with 2 cups of water in each bowl. Put both bowls in the microwave for three minutes. Grind the tamarind and dates, then use straining to drain excess pulp. In a pot mix all spices with the liquid and cook until the chutney's viscosity becomes slightly thicker. Cool the chutney and enjoy!

Step 5: Eat and Enjoy!

This is an appetizer that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. I invite all of you try my recipe and most of all enjoy it! Thanks.

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